Pakistan Climate Change Portal

Dec 07 2017 | 01:06:32
                   “Pakistan Climate Change Portal”, an online repository of knowledge on the subject of climate change focused on Pakistan, A beta version of climate portal was launched at a high level international conference on sustainable development in Islamabad today. The web portal, which has been developed by the Civil Society Coalition for Climate Change (CSCCC), a consortium of civil society organizations dedicated to highlighting the subject of climate change in Pakistan and supporting pro-climate policy making was launched at the 20th Sustainable Development Conference organized and hosted by Sustainable Development Policy Institute (SDPI), which is also a member of CSCCC. 
                           While describing the project, Safyan Kakakhel, the Project Lead of the initiative said that the Climate Change Portal would prove to be a highly useful source of information on climate change and the broad range of socioeconomic sectors affected by the impacts of a changing climate. He said that Pakistan was one of the countries of the world ranked most vulnerable to the devastating effects of climate change, and that such a resource would help all stakeholders and users, including policy makers, government, academia, researchers, students and even laypersons to better understand the subject as well as serve as a platform for the dissemination of knowledge, research and hard facts and statistical data which was the need of the hour for evidence based policy making. Dr.
                         Abid Suleri, Executive Director SDPI, lauded the efforts of CSCCC in developing the web portal and said we should collectively try to develop and further improve such knowledge resources for supporting facts-based policy making as well as improving research and awareness on the highly important subject. 
 The launch was concluded with a demonstration of the web portal and its various resources and features, which are accessible at its URL