‘We are more than 20 years late in steps being taken for water conservation’

May 09 2018 | 03:01:49
ISLAMABAD: We are more than 20 years late in the steps we are taking today to conserve water. Right now, the future does not look good at all unless we start saving water, said director Regional Bureau for Science in Asia and the Pacific, Dr Shabaz Khan.Speaking at an international workshop on Collective Community Action for Eco-Watershed Mitigation to Floods and Droughts on Tuesday, Dr Khan stressed on the need to check dams, enhancing underground storage and better crop, soil and water management. He said planting trees just for the sake of planting them will not work.“We need to plant trees that can sustain livelihoods such as olives that give fruit and oil, to give an example,” Dr Khan said. He has assisted the Australian government in managing water for a decade.Pakistan saves water to last the country 35-40 days while other countries keep reserves to last 400 days, seminar told