Time for action

Dec 16 2019 | 09:01:11
IT has taken the world 25 years of negotiations to reach the point where countries are now required to put words into actions. The Conference of Parties (COP) provides an international platform for bringing states together to build consensus on global climate agreements that would otherwise remain intractable.The Paris Agreement was a feat of diplomatic success that brought 196 nations to agree on the Agenda of Solutions and became operational with the finalisation of the Rule Book. However, each COP is criticised for not finding solutions that are fair and equitable for carbon-neutral targets for all.The three parallel activities at the COPs include negotiations by party delegates, side events for knowledge sharing and civil society marches. COP25 in Madrid was no exception to this standard format and response. The main outstanding agenda at COP25 was to reach agreement on the unresolved Article 6 that split nations into vanguard and laggard.As part of the Paris Agreement countries had agreed to set up new global carbon market systems to de-carbonise economies. However, since the Paris Agreement fails to describe how systems will work or what rules will ensure real emission cuts, reaching an agreement continued to pose the biggest challenge at COP25.Read More: