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    No of Vacencies : 1

    Last Date of Apply : 2018-09-25

    Job Description :

    Applications are invited from eligible candidates for filling up of post of Consultant (Research Analyst) in the Civil Society Coalition for Climate Change (CSCCC),Islamabad as per details given below:

    1. Name of the Post : Consultant (Research Analyst)  in Civil Society Coalition for Climate Change (CSCCC), Islamabad

    2. Duration of Assignment:   4 months

    3.Terms of Reference for Research Analyst


    The Civil Society Civil Society Coalition for Climate Change (CSCCC) is dedicated to highlighting the subject of climate change in Pakistan and influencing policymaking at the regional, national and sub-national levels through research, knowledge-sharing, and advocacy. CSCCC provides a networking platform for civil society organizations, climate experts, academia, researchers, media, private sector and concerned citizens to exchange ideas and build synergies while preserving and strengthening the autonomy and independence of its members. The coalition approach was adopted to enhance civil society capacity for effective engagement with policy makers to support mitigation and adaptation actions that build resilience and reduce vulnerability at all levels by integrating adaptation into relevant socio-economic and environmental policies for sustainable development. Further details about CSCCC can be found at

    The Assignment

    CSCCC wishes to engage the services of an individual to undertake an analysis of the recently announced National Water Policy (NWP) by the Government of Pakistan in the context of climate change and in particular the National Climate Change Policy (NCCP). The NCCP pre-dates the NWP and has six years in which the policy has (or should have) been put into practice. This provides an opportunity to examine how perhaps the NWP should move from policy into practice. The analysis is expected to compare and contrast the various policies and highlight areas of overlap, areas of contradiction and gaps (if they exist).

    The Candidate

    The ideal candidate should have a good background knowledge in the Water Resources Management issues of Pakistan either by virtue of academic qualifications or experience. We would expect the candidate to hold a minimum of a Masters degree. The candidate would have excellent qualitative analytical skills and should be able to undertake a comprehensive literature review. Informed by this review, the candidate should be able to develop and design a robust methodology for this analytical work to be documented in an inception report (along with the literature review. The candidate would then apply the methodology as articulated in the Inception Report along with any comments received to complete the assignment. The candidate should have excellent English language skills (written, comprehension etc) and be able to articulate herself or himself clearly and concisely. The final output of this assignment is anticipated to be on part with typical analytical pieces published in reputable academic journals. Prior experience in similar work would be preferred. Prior experience in analytical work and preparing high quality reports and similar outputs is essential.

    The Deliverables:

    ·         Inception Report to include literature review and methodology.

    ·         Presentation of inception Report

    ·         Final Report to include: literature review, methodology, analysis and discussion, conclusions

    ·         Presentation of final report

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