Partnership Information

Partnership  For Fee (PKR)
International Non-Governmental Organizations 25,000
National NGOs/CSOs (Large) 15,000
National NGOs/CSOs (Medium) 10,000
National NGOs/CSOs (Small) 5,000
Universities 5,000
Media Companies 15,000
Private sector companies 15,000
Individuals 1,000
Students 500

Criteria for Partnership

International Non-Governmental Organizations (INGOs)

In compliance with the legal requirement as sign in MoU with the government of Pakistan.

National Civil Society Organizations

  • Registered under the relevant regulatory authority.
  • Large with average annual financial receipts (income/grants/donations etc.) of more than 10 million for the last 3 years
  • Medium CSOs with average annual financial receipts (income/grants/donations etc.) of 5 to 10 million for the last 3 years between
  • Small with average annual financial receipts (income/grants/donations etc.) of between 3 to 5 million for the last 3 years


Registered/certified by PEMRA/APNS/APP etc.

Private Sector

Registered/certified by Chamber of Commerce


Registered with Higher Education Commission (HEC)


  • With skills/expertise that can support the vision & mission of CSCCC
  • A valid CNIC (for Pakistani citizens) or other legal documents (for foreigners)


  • Students enrolled in college or university with an interest in Environment or related sciences and/or the thematic areas supported by CSCCC
  • A valid CNIC (for Pakistani citizens) or other legal documents (for foreigners).

Procedure for application

  • Submit Partnership application form with a covering letter
  • Copies of most recent annual report and financial statements (For INGOs and CSOs).
  • Other material specified in the application form

Note: Requirements for CSCCC’s partnership may be revised from time to time

Partnership Term and Renewal or Withdrawal of Partnership

  • The partnership term is for one year from the date of registration.
  •  Partnership fee is non-refundable.
  • Any partner organization, institution, individual may withdraw from the partnership of the CSCCC at any time by informing the Secretariat.
  • Any organization which is determined as having provided false or misleading information to the CSCCC to obtain partnership may have their       partnership terminated.
  • Any organization which acts in such a way as to bring the CSCCC into disrepute or deliberately makes false accusations against the coalition or other partner organizations may have their partnership terminated.
  •   Partners has no Voting rights 

CSCCC Partnership Benefits

  •  Partnerships means connecting to a community of climate practitioners and build relationship on Climate Change.
  • Planned opportunities for networking with other CSCCC partners
  • Professional development opportunities for development practitioners
  • Access to CSCCC programs and materials, with the opportunity to co-brand materials with CSCCC and other participating organizations.
  • Opportunityfor networking and expanding outreach.
  • Opportunities for partners to participate Policy Dialogues on Climate Change.
  • Co-create policy and become partner in monitoring and tracking on Climate Change
  • Shape Climate related policies at national, sub-national and International level.
  • Become part of a platform to convey placed based and people centric approach
  • Your business/organization information and logo display on the CSCCC website.
  • Access to the Resource Center at CSCCC Secretariat for easy connection to Climate Change knowledge hub.

Apply For Partnership