CSCCC  provides networking platform for civil society organizations to monitor progress of national climate change policy (accountability) and generate research based information to support policy makers (partners in climate smart development) to find solutions for mitigation and adaptation that build resilience and reduce vulnerability at the national and sub-national level through synergistic actions for harmonized outcomes.
  • Conduct National Climate Change Policy (NCCP) reviews, and share findings with policy makers and public. 
  • Increase space for civil society to work constructively with policy makers and in supporting place based and people centric approach. 
  • Collate existing and new research for analysis, synthesis, and dissemination to increase civil society capacity to provide research-based inputs to develop climate smart policies. 
  • Conduct provincial/regional consultative workshops for CSOs, academia, government officials and public representatives at provincial and national levels to address CC sectoral issues and make policy recommendations 
  • Provide research based support to policy makers to formulate adaptation/mitigation policies and programs that are contextualized in time and place