EU poised to fine Ireland £530M over climate change targets – and it’s going to get worse

May 09 2018 | 03:10:00
THE EU is set to fine Ireland £530million (€600m) a year for not meetings its green energy targets – and tougher rules mean its punishments will get even worse.The country’s European Commissioner Phil Hogan has pleaded with Ireland to act in developing wind and wave energy in a bid to dodge the mammoth bill.EU officials is keen to ensure the bloc does not fall short of its promises it made in the Paris climate agreement to cuts its greenhouse gas emissions by 40 percent.And the European Court of Justice may slap the fines on Ireland if they don’t reduce their dependance on fossil fuels.Speaking to the Dail Public Accounts Committee , Mr Hogan said: “The 2020 target must be adhered to.We all know exactly that there is no free pass post-2020 in relation to the Renewable Energy Directive and we will be running into trouble with infringement proceedings if this does not happen.”Fine Gael Senator Michelle Mulherin said the Irish Government should step up its renewable energy projects."But given the controversy and frequent objections to wind turbines on land, this issue should be re-thought.”Under the Paris Agreement in 2015, member states have agreed to limit global warming to “well bellow two degrees, to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 40 per cent by 2030 and to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050”.Ministers from France, Germany, the Netherlands, Sweden, Finland, Portugal and Luxembourg have pushed to increase climate change targets.